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Genius Cafe

Genius Food is a nourishing experience created to give vitality to your body and elevate your mind. Supporting our traditional African inspired cuisine, we have designed a High Plant-Based Menu to flood your body with nutrients and ignite your genius, stimulating productivity and creativity. Our clean cooked and raw food is a culture in itself and is meticulously crafted by visionary Chef Cynthia Louise. We implement this here, at Matla where your eyes are no less delighted than your taste buds.

Pimped up 2 minutes noodles jpg.jpg

The table settings are family style and are served in one of the stunning dining areas; be it either while overlooking the African bush on the viewing decks, under the mesmerizing milky way of the African sky, next to a roaring fire, or in the formal dining area.

A sumptuous selection will be on offer and dietary requirements are catered for when indicated in advance

Fresh Tomato Pizza with Basil
Vegan Bowl
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