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1. RIGHTS OF MEMBERSHIP: Membership of Matla Game Lodge does not and shall not give to any member of any category any right, title, interest, claim or demand in or to any of the monies, property or assets of the lodge, but only confers upon such member the right and privilege of entering in and upon the grounds and erections of the lodge, and of using same in accordance with the use to which the same are devoted by the lodge owners.

2. LIABILITIES OF MEMBERS: In the event of the temporary or permanent closure of the lodge, there shall be no liability incurred by any member other than in respect of their unpaid subscription and any money they maybe owing to the lodge.

3. MEMBERS BOUND BY THE RULES: The payment by or on behalf of a member of their first subscription shall be acknowledgement on the part of such member that he or she is bound by the Rules of the Lodge, and therefore provides permission for Matla Game Lodge to correspond.

4. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP: The procedure for applying for membership, other than honorary membership, shall be as follows: a) An applicant may procure an application form from the various lodge platforms. b) The applicant shall complete the application form as prescribed. The form must be signed and submitted to the lodge’s reservations team.

5. TERM AND CATEGORY OF MEMBERS: Membership of the lodge shall be for a period of 1 year (12 months – renewable) and comprise the following categories of members:


5.1  Individual Member – the individual who appoints themselves as the member responsible for making enquiries and reservations, providing all relevant guest information, receiving all invoices (in their name) and for effecting full payment.

5.2  Corporate Member – the company which appoints its own representative of responsibility, for making enquiries and reservations, providing all relevant guest information, receiving all invoices (in the company name) and for effecting full payment.

5.3  Honorary Member – an individual or corporate member appointed by the lodge owners.


6. PAYMENT OF ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS FEES: Payment of the annual membership fee will be due, in full, within 7 days of receipt of invoice.

7.    PAYMENT OF RESERVATION: A 50% deposit of the total amount reflected on the invoice, will be due within 7 days of receipt of invoice. The full and final balance will be due 14 days prior to arrival.

All reservations are subject to a minimum of 6 adults (maximum 10 adults) travelling together for a minimum of 2 nights (or value thereof), subject to availability.

Reservations include accommodation, 3 meals, all lodge beverages and 2 x private and guided game drives per day.


8.    RESIGNATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Any member intending to resign their membership shall deliver notice in writing to that effect, duly signed by the member (or company representative), to the Sales Manager. Resignation shall be effective as from the date of receipt by the Manager of the said notice. Any non-renewal of membership before the due date will affect automatic membership termination.


9.    RENEWAL OF MEMBERSHIP:  Current members will be contacted 30 days prior to their membership expiry, and should renewal be requested, they will be invoiced for a further 1-year (12 month) membership status.



A Conservation levy is charged by the Northwest Parks Board on entering Madikwe Game Reserve, the applicable per person charge is printed on the confirmation voucher and is collected by Matla Game Lodge on behalf of the N.W.P.B..

A compulsory Rhino conservation Fee is applicable to assist the Reserve in its anti-poaching efforts as per 1 August 2017.



Children are accommodated on standard adult game drives, subject to the discretion of Lodge Management and your private Ranger, and agreement of the full travelling party.

Childminders are available in the evenings as well as during the game drives, at a nominal charge, they are booked in advance and fees are payable at the lodge on departure.

Early dinners for children can be arranged with the lodge’s private chef.



The cancellation of a provisional reservation will incur no cancellation fees.

Matla Game Lodge reserves the right to charge the following cancellation fees on cancellation of a confirmed reservation:

Date of confirmation to 31 days prior to arrival: 50% of total reservation value (no refund of deposit)

14-days to date of arrival: 100% of total reservation value

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